"Remember, before you do something special, just do something." These were some of the many words of wisdom shared by Actor and Director John Krasinski during the Baccalaureate address he gave before the 2019 undergraduate class at Brown University today.

During his address, Krasinski encouraged students, "to not conform," and to "hold fast to everything [they] have lived."

He also asked the students to reflect on past achievements and "remember fondly the discomfort [they] felt when [they] were asked to push [themselves] farther than [they]were ever sure you could go. And the elation when [they] finally got there.”

That speech can be seen below:

Krasinski is best known for his role as Jim Halpert in the TV sitcom "The Office." He also went on to direct some films including his most recent hit up for a sequel, "The Quiet Place."

Krasinski graduated from Brown in 2001 with a degree in theater arts.


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