According to Acadia Parish law enforcement officials, via a press release, a suspect in Buick LeSabre followed a man's vehicle before shooting at the car striking that driver.

Detectives say that the shooting happened last Friday, February 5. They say surveillance video shows the suspect following the other man and then opening fire.

They need to identify the driver of a four-dour Buick LeSabre that has very dark tinted windows. The vehicle is white in color.

The shooting happened west of Rayne on Addie Road, and they are hoping someone will recognize this car. They say any tips you might have would be very appreciated.

You do not have to identify yourself in order to help police solve this case.

There are several ways to anonymously report information. One way to report the information you know is to download and use the P3 app on your phone. Another way to share what you know is to call the Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers line at 337-789-TIPS(8477).

So if you know something about this older model Buick LeSabre and/or anything about what happened around 5:30 on February 5 on Addie Road, please make sure that you help detectives solve this case.

The person who was shot was not fatally injured. Detectives add that at this time, they do not know what led to this shooting.

So if you know something, and you want to make some money, then give detectives some information. If what you tell them can lead to an arrest in this shooting case, you can make up to $2,500 cash.




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