The NFL Draft is heating up as the latest news comes from the reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers, who reportedly wants out of Green Bay. With his recent stellar performance as the host of 'Jeopardy', speculation is all over the place as Rodgers has many options for where his career could go if it is not with the Packers.

See the original report from @AdamSchefter on Twitter below.

The back and forth between Rodgers and the Packers this offseason has made for a tough situation. Check out the Twitter post from @wingoz below.

A breakdown of the entire situation from @RapSheet on Twitter below.

So the reigning NFL MVP is not happy after the Packers did a horrendous job in last year's NFL draft and especially now that he and Green Bay have not reached a long-term agreement. If I was an NFL quarterback who just won an MVP, I would be a little upset if I was told I was being traded as well.

But if Aaron Rodger's doesn't want to be a Green Bay Packer any longer, what are his options?

Well from the Green Bay Packers standpoint, they want their MVP back.

From an Aaron Rodgers standpoint, he hasn't spoken publicly on the situation just yet. But he could this weekend...

There is also one more thing that Aaron Rodgers is really, really good at and it doesn't involve throwing a football.

Thanks to @RapSheet for all of the above information, but is Ian Rapoport insinuating that Aaron Rodgers would give up football to go and host 'Jeopardy'??? He did do a really good job hosting the show recently, after all.

Let's make one thing clear - Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP, and is coming off of his third NFL MVP season. He has made quite a bit of money and will certainly be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame some day. So what else does Rodgers have to prove?

From my experience in watching Aaron Rodgers play, he is not the type of player to simply hang it up and go home. But, he has also shown that he won't be the type of player that will hold his organization accountable when he feels they could have done a better job. Rodgers is too big of a legend to not be taken care of by the Packers and I don't think he is in the wrong in any way here.

While having Aaron Rodgers host 'Jeopardy' everyday would be very entertaining in its own right, I selfishly do not want to see Rodgers leave the game right now. He has more in the tank and would probably be successful no matter if he stayed in Green Bay or found a new place to sling the rock.

I would be remiss if I didn't include this clip from one of Rodger's great moments during his turn hosting 'Jeopardy'.

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