A Jefferson Parish, Louisiana mother has penned a heartbreaking obituary for her son which everyone needs to read.

Robert Wells was gunned down in front of a home in Harahan and police, and Wells' mother, is still looking for answers.

... desires of fast money and instant gratification lured him away from the morals and ethics instilled in him from a young age. - Deborah Wells, obits.nola.com

According to NOLA.com, Deborah Wells, Robert's mother, doesn't know that it was any specific event that triggered his change; rather, she believes it was a series of events. From being displaced due to Hurricane Katrina to having his parents divorce (and the lingering drama from that divorce), Deborah believed that Robert's lifestyle was going to leave him either in jail or dead, and she was, sadly, correct.

In Robert's obituary, Deborah points out that the material things her son so desperately wanted meant nothing at the time of his death.

His life ended almost instantly at 22 years old, alone in a car under a barrage of gunfire. All the fast money, cars and "things" that seemingly were of importance to him, meant nothing at his crossing. - Deborah Wells, obits.nola.com

In the obituary, she goes on to ask people to donate to any at-risk youth program of their choice. She wants to do what she can so that no other mother has live through the death of their son to senseless violence.


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