Here's a heart-warming story for you:  I saw this 'status update' on Facebook this morning:

It's our last day with Cappy....

The post came from an Acadiana family that was plagued with their own "Elf on the Shelf".  Obviously this Elf's name is "Cappy".  (For those who don't know what "Elf on the Shelf" is, please take a minute to read about it.)

How great is it that parents allow the elf to come in and keep an eye on the kids, huh??!?  What makes this one so special is the note that Cappy left for the family:

A parenting 'win'! (Facebook)


It's great to see that the kids have been good enough for Santa to make a pass!  Do you guys let the elf in?  Share your story with us!!


(Via Facebook and Elf On The Shelf)