Bonnie Linder from Hartley, Iowa looks forward to her morning routine. She wakes up early and waits for the school bus. Her daughter, Judy Zimmerman, said in a Facebook post that her mother waves to the school bus every morning.  She loves to give a big wave to the children and the driver. Well, on Friday, the bus driver and the children on the bus had a huge surprise for her. Bonnie’s daughter is from Texas and she was visiting her mom when she witnessed a huge act of kindness.  Or as she says “Powerful act of kindness!”

Facebook, Judy Zimmerman
Facebook, Judy Zimmerman

She was on the front porch with her mom waiting for the bus when she was overcome with joy because of what they did when they passed.  Bonnie turned 93 and they wanted to do something special for her birthday. Check out the video to see the wonderful surprise.

I think it will be a birthday gift she will never forget. Stories like this make my day. Let's continue to make it a birthday she will never forget and share her story with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MS. BONNIE!


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