In South Louisiana, Cajun women are some of the nicest on the planet and for that reason, you need to get them something special for Christmas. This story will explore what not to give a Cajun woman for Christmas.

Unless a woman specifically asks for certain gifts, it's probably wise not to give a woman an appliance or cleaning device. I think most women feel as if you are suggesting they don't do a good job with a specific chore or housing cleaning project when you give them an appliance. suggests avoiding giving gifts like this because it's like you are suggesting they are doing something correctly. I mean you would never walk up to a Cajun woman and tell her she is doing something wrong, would you? No way! So scratch appliances off your list.

Now, remember when reading this, to take everything with a grain of salt. And, be sure to email us if you have some ideas on gifts that no Cajun woman would ever want!

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a Scale

If you even think about giving a Cajun woman a scale for Christmas, I just have one question for you, "Have you lost your mind?". Cajun women are beautiful just the way they are.

Never give a woman a scale for Christmas because it's insulting! The same all-important rule applies here, never give a woman a scale unless she specifically asks for one!

When you give a Cajun woman a scale for Christmas she will be thinking, "He thinks I'm fat!". Unless you truly don't care what your favorite woman on the planet thinks, you should NEVER give a woman a scale. I'm also going to suggest, that even if she asks for one, DON'T BUY IT!

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a Pot 

Look, Cajun men and women know how to cook, and the last thing they need is another pot. A Cajun woman knows how to cook! She doesn't need a pot!

Listen, you are probably a good cook, and you know your Cajun woman is a great cook, so when you give her a pot you are suggesting that she DOESN'T COOK WELL!

Now, if she specifically asks for a particular pot or cooking appliance, then the above rule no longer applies! If she asks for it, then you run right out and get that Cajun woman what she wants because she has to put up with you!

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a Mop Or Any Other Cleaning Items

Whether it's a mop of the latest, greatest, and updated Swiffer mop, do not give a Cajun woman a mop.

Any cleaning tool just screams, "Your cleaning just really stinks!". While men are going to love if you gift them a tool, like suggests, a Cajun woman is going to be, "mad, mad" if you get her a mop!

Look, if you do decide that you still want to give your Cajun woman a mop for Christmas don't be surprised if she mops the floor with you!

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a Gym Membership

Every Cajun woman I know is CONSTANTLY busy! Cajun women do it all. She is constantly cooking, cleaning, working, taking care of you, and taking care of the kids.

No matter what, DO NOT GIVE A CAJUN WOMAN A GYM MEMBERSHIP. Even if you think you are doing something good, it's not going to end up being a good situation.

She looks great, just the size she is! If you want to help her improve her self-esteem, write her a letter about how much you love, EXACTLY AS SHE IS! This is sure to bring tears of joy and love when she reads it!

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a "Get-Away with Her In-Laws"

This may seem like something really great to you, but if you want to give your sweetheart something really great, give her a getaway with her friends!

You could arrange even a brief little trip for her and her friends just to hang out without their significant others and the kids.

Women do too much already, so don't give her a trip with your parents. Give her a gift that will truly help........a little time to herself.

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Never Give a Cajun Woman Wrinkle Cream

Now ladies we all know that these are expensive, but gentlemen, if your lovely Cajun lady has specifically asked for wrinkle cream, don't give her any.

When you do give a Cajun woman wrinkle cream, she's going to think she's ugly!

And let's face it.....have you ever seen an ugly Cajun woman??? Nope, they are all beautiful.

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Never Give a Cajun Woman a Gift Certificate to a Weightloss Program

This little gem of advice should be obvious, but it's been done, and the results were terrible. You think you're being helpful, but JUST DON'T EVER DO THIS!!!

One of the highest-ranking gifts not to give your significant other is a weight loss item, and that includes a certificate for any popular weight loss program!

Again, the translation if you give this kind of gift is, "Hey fattie, you need to lose some weight" and you would NEVER say that to a Cajun woman.

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Never Buy a Cajun Woman Lingerie

Lingerie sounds like a great gift for a Cajun woman, right? Wrong, and it's only wrong because that's really a GIFT FOR YOU!

Now, if she asks for lingerie, then by all means, purchase away, just make sure you get a receipt!

If she doesn't ask for lingerie, then pick a gift that will truly be only for her, and if you are in doubt you can always get a gift card. But, if you get a gift card, it's not a bad idea to print out pictures of tasteful items she would like.

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Never Buy a Cajun Woman Feminine Hygiene Products (Any Kind) !

Okay, this one should be VERY obvious!

Also obvious, someone, somewhere has done this, but NEVER buy feminine hygiene products for sweetheart for Christmas.

This should be a no-brainer, so just don't even think about this, EVER!

If you have ever received something that you just didn't want, and you think we should add it to the list, by all means, email us! And, Merry Christmas!

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