Summertime in Louisiana is always exciting. The sunny days get us outside to enjoy all the fantastic things we love like beaches, fishing, backyard BBQ s and countless festivals.

With the kids out of school and many of us taking vacation time off from work, our chances of happening upon a poisonous snake or spider increases greatly.

We've got quite a few things here in Louisiana that can't wait to kill us this summer.

OK, not really, but sort of.

Here are "7 Of The Most Dangerous Things In Louisiana" to be on the lookout for this summer.


  • Rosa Pineda via wikipedia
    Rosa Pineda via wikipedia

    Brown Recluse Spiders

    Brown Recluse spiders are generally yellowish-brown to brown in color, with a darker colored violin shape on the top of the cephalothorax (not the abdomen). The violin is easy to see in the photos on this page. The abdomen is a uniform color, with no markings on it. If they bite you, your skin turns into macaroni. As humans, we're not supposed to have macaroni for skin, so this isn't a good thing.

  • 97.3 The Dawg
    97.3 The Dawg


    Ah, Hurricane season. The summer months in Louisiana definitely bring the heat, and hurricanes love the heat. Although, we've been really fortunate the past few years. I don't need to tell you how incredibly dangerous and destructive hurricanes can be.

  • Louisiana Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries
    Louisiana Department Of Wildlife & Fisheries

    Canebreak Rattlesnake

    Louisiana and dangerous, deadly snakes go together like gumbo and potato salad. It's hard to pick just one, because there are so many here that can do serious damage. Take the Canebreak Rattlesnake for example. Get a bite from this bad boy and all of a sudden your throat closes, you might have vision loss, your tissue and muscle around the snake bite turns to jello, and then possibly death. Fun, right?

  • Veli pohjonen via wikipedia
    Veli pohjonen via wikipedia

    Daphne Berries

    Daphne Berries look delicious. They are also incredibly toxic, and fatal. With the kids spending more time outside, you definitely want to check around yard for these. If eaten, even just one berry, it can lead to death. It starts with a severe burning in the mouth and throat, then can lead to headaches, diarrhea, delirium, and convulsions. Pets should also be kept away from these things.

  • Jeffrey W. Lotz via wikipedia
    Jeffrey W. Lotz via wikipedia

    Africanized Killer Bees

    I remember as a child learning about how killer bees were beginning to show up in the Southern United States, and I was terrified. To be honest, I'm still terrified. Killer bees are here, and they'll absolutely kill you. In extreme cases, their stings can result in increased heart rates, respiratory distress, renal failure and death. The thing is, when you come across these bad boys, you probably won't realize they're killer bees until they're trying to kill you. By then, it's probably too late.

  • Matt Cardy/Getty Images
    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    The Sun

    We all know how brutal the heat can get in South Louisiana during the summer. Along with the heat comes a multitude of problems like melanoma, dehydration and heatstroke. the past couple of summers I've come real close to a trip to the E.R. because of heatstroke while doing yard work. I'm not saying to stay in doors and not enjoy some fun in the sun, just make sure to use sunscreen, drink a ton of water and take breaks getting out of the sun.

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    Louisiana Roads

    As if all of the other things in Louisiana that want to kill us aren't bad enough, guess what? The roads in Louisiana we need to use for vacations and things this summer want to kill us. The roads everywhere in Louisiana do everything they can to fall apart and make things as dangerous for us as possible. They really hate us. Summer means more time spent riding around on these roads, and that means they have increased opportunities to kill. You know I'm right.

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