They say ignorance is bliss. I would imagine knowing I won $50,000 in a Powerball drawing would be a lot more blissful than not knowing I won that kind of money. But that's me and no, I don't have such a lottery ticket to be concerned with.

Oddly enough, a scenario like the one I've just described could be happening with the holder of a very valuable Powerball ticket. The ticket was sold for the Powerball drawing of May 22nd earlier this year. The ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball.

The numbers that were drawn in the Powerball game on May 22nd were:

07 10 20 44 57 PB 03 PP x3

The ticket was purchased at a Circle K Store in Denham Springs. The owner of that ticket will need to come forward to Louisiana Lottery representatives by November 18th or that money will go back into the Lottery's prize coffers.

Our advice to you, if you purchased a Powerball ticket and you may have been in and around Denham Springs back in May you might want to check your purse, your pocket, your old coats and weekend pants to see if that ticket is yours. Otherwise, the money goes back to the Lottery's unclaimed prize fund.


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