(CNN) "It felt like a big locomotive going by and a big wave coming underneath the bed", said Mayor Wes Brinegar of Sparta, North Carolina as a 5.1 magnitude earthquake shook the small town of nearly 2000 early Sunday morning.

Sparta is located about 70 miles northwest of Winston-Salem. News reports coming out of  North Carolina say the quakes started late Saturday evening. There were four quakes in total. The earthquakes could be felt as far north as Lynchburg, Virginia and as far south as Greenville, South Carolina.

There are no reports of injures at this time, only minor damages. North Carolina could get more aftershocks over the coming week. Forecasters predict a slight chance of one or more of the aftershocks being stronger than 5.1 magnitudes. Sunday's quake was North Carolina's strongest earthquake in 94 years.

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