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Zamboni driver by day, emergency goaltender hero by night.

That's the story of 42-year-old David Ayres of the Carolina Hurricanes who got the opportunity of a lifetime to play in an NHL game on Saturday night in Toronto as the Hurricanes were facing the Maple Leafs.

Both the starter and the back-up goaltenders James Reimar and Petr Mrazek sustained injuries in the contest and instead of sending in a player they sent in Ayres who they had signed to an emergency contract.

What happened next was truly a miracle on the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice:

A guy with tons of back-up experience getting an opportunity to win a game for an NHL team, stopping 8 out of 10 shots, and being one of the stars of the night. You gotta love sports and moments like this for the 42-year old.

The Hurricanes also began selling Ayres number 90 t-shirts in which he'll receive royalties and part of the proceeds will go to a kidney foundation. Ayres received a kidney transplant from his mom 15 years ago.


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