ST. LANDRY PARISH, (KPEL News) - St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says his deputies have made three arrests in connection with terrorizing and threats made against a middle school.

St. Landry Parish, like other parishes in Acadiana, has had to deal with multiple threats made against various schools in the last year. It seems like these threats just keep continuing.

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Now officials from the St. Landry School Resource Officer Sectiions made these arrested dealing with Monday, January 30 threats. Sheriff Guidroz says a 13-year-old former student of Plaisance Middle School was arrested for making threats.

A school resource officer talked to the 13-year-old, who was expelled last year for the same thing, and he admitted that he was the person sending social media texts saying he was going to shoot up the school.

Guidroz said the following in a press release:

The male juvenile had already been expelled from Plaisance in 2022 for making threats to the school and is now sending text messages on social media to two current students saying that he would shoot up the school.

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So, where did the bullying come from. Apparently when the 13-year-old was making threats about the school, he claims because two other students, anothger 13-year-old and 12-year-old were making ugly comments.


Sheriff Bobby Guidroz
Sheriff Bobby Guidroz

Here is what the press release from Sheriff Guidroz's office details about that situaiton:

The School Resource Officer also interviewed the two students in the messages and was also able to obtain audio recording of the juveniles talking negatively about each other. The investigation and evidence did in fact reveal that the 12-year-old and the other 13-year-old were cyberbullying the other 13-year-old.

So basically, everyone involved in this situation was arrested because they are allegedly responsible for breaking laws.

At the end of all of the interviews, the 13-year-old he made the claims that he was going to shoot up the school was arrested for terrorizing. The 12-year-old and 13-year-old kids who ware accused of bullying the other 13-year-old were arrested for bullying.

St. Landry Sheriff Bobby Guidroz
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Sheriff Guidroz said that no one was ever in any danger because it was reported quickly, and he adds,

Bullying, cyber threats, terrorizing, and bomb threats will not be tolerated. Anyone committing these crimes will be arrested.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office Badge
St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office Badge, Facebook photo

At any point if you know something about a threat or any other kind of crime, you can call the St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers Tips Line at 337-948-TIPS (8477).

Calling Crime Stoppers is anonymous. Another anonymous way to give information anonymously is to download the P3 app on any moblie device.

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