I have never been one to shy away from collecting money. Especially money that could help my family through a very difficult time. That's what those government stimulus checks were supposed to do for us during this coronavirus pandemic. Surprisingly, some 160,000 Louisiana residents have yet to reach out for their money.

While that number might seem large, according to the IRS almost 9 million letters are being sent out across the country to remind citizens that they have a $1,200 stimulus check, with their name on it, waiting for them.

Now, if you've been waiting on that $1,200 in stimulus money and still haven't gotten it the IRS wants you to reach out to them. IRS investigators have determined that the majority of those citizens who are entitled to checks but have yet to claim them are those people who are not required by law to fill out a tax return. The reason could be they don't make enough money or they're senior citizens living on social security income.

Despite the fact that you may not be required to fill out a tax return you are still, in most cases, eligible for the $1,200 stipend. The deadline to claim your check by the end of the year is October 15th. That's a little over two weeks away so you'll want to get this taken care of as soon as you can.

You can do that with a simple visit to the Internal Revenue Service website. They'll have all the answers to all of your questions and the proper forms that you need to fill out.

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