I’m seriously cringing as I am typing this. A family found a 16 foot, 300 pound PTYHON on their property in Zolfo Springs on Sunday. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, pythons are breeding across natural areas in South Florida. Yikes. That’s enough information for me to just stay out of the state completely.

Aaron Brown was driving through his family’s property on Sunday when he saw the huge snake.  He said it was the biggest snake he’d ever seen. Brown called his cousin, William “Bobby” Wilkinson, to come and help him out with the snake. They couldn’t believe their eyes as the snake continued to get bigger and bigger as they kept pulling it out of the culvert. Wilkinson shot and killed the python, according to Fox13. It was a Burmese Python.

A FWC spokesperson said that due to the distance from the known establishment breeding population of pythons in South Florida, this python is likely released or escaped from captivity.

Ironically, Wilkinson is a huge fan of Dusty Crum from the show Guardians of the Glades.

Ever since the guardian of the glades has been on, I always tell my wife I’d love to go down there and catch a snake. Just one time go catch a snake. Lo and behold, one that was astronomically huge fell in my lap because my cousin spotted it in a ditch.  – Bobby Wilkinson

Well, Crum went to check out the python. Dusty Crum learned the snake was carrying 100 eggs. The family said the snake measured 16 feet, 4 inches and weighed 300 pounds.


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