Hurricanes and tropical weather systems are no laughing matter. However, in South Louisiana, we often temper the worst of times with a healthy dose of humor. Maybe it's our joie de vivre or it could be that we are two sheep short of a sweater when it comes to smarts.

I think for most of us who have weathered a storm or two we have learned when to hunker when to hide, when to run, and when to just stay out of the wind and rain. And while preparing for a severe weather event is serious business, we also know that quite often these tropical systems, especially once they've passed bring families and communities together.

So, we asked, what's in your Hurricane Kit? For the most part, answers were right in line with the suggestions made by the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. I think we adjust the "seriousness" of our storm stash based on that "Cone of Uncertainty". In other words, we allow our common sense and experience with hurricanes to dictate what supplies we might need and what length of time we might need them for.

Just to be clear, some of the answers you are about to read are very tongue in cheek. But we did warn you about the "healthy dose of humor". All we ask is that you do plan accordingly based on your personal safety situation.

15 Essential Items for Your Hurricane Kit


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