A 13-year-old Alexandria teen was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after a video of him slapping a puppy went viral...

I will not show the video here, nor will I link to the video, as I found it difficult to watch.  After I watching the video (I wish I wouldn't have watched it, my stomach turned!), and hearing the yelp of the puppy, I decided it was something I would not share.  This poor puppy immediately tried to scramble away as quickly as he could, and it left a pain on my heart.

Well, the good news is that the puppy has been removed from the home.  The bad news?  This kid, at some point, learned that the behavior displayed in the video is acceptable.  Where did he learn this behavior?

Kudos to the Alexandria Police Department for acting quickly to remove this puppy from harm's way.

I am glad that people had the sense to report this to the police.  It's a shame that we need them, but stories like this one are the reason we need so many animal rescue organizations in this country.  I am hoping that this puppy finds a good, loving home.

You can do your part to help puppies like this one find help by reporting any cruel activity, and by donating to or volunteering at an animal shelter.  This one is in Lafayette, and there may be one closer to you.


(Via Facebook, KALB)