It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You know, because 75 degrees and humid is how we roll here in December in south Louisiana!

Have you got your Christmas list finished yet? Of course you don't. And that's where we step in with a little help.

More specifically, we know you have plenty of good Cajun people to buy for and that can be a task, because we either make it ourselves or go get what we need. We don't wait for someone to get it for us. ;)

But if you are looking for that perfect gift for the proud Cajun in your life, we have a few ideas in mind for you. Check it out, our list of the 10 most Cajun things you could give (or get) for Christmas.

  • Cabela's

    White Rubber Boots

    Better known by their common name -- "Delcambre Reeboks" -- every good Cajun should have a pair on their back porch, in their shed or upside down in between the cab and bed of their truck.

  • Ebay

    Pecan Cracker

    Some of us just take two pecans and crack them together but that only cracks one of them and you're eventually left with one pecan you have to try to bust open with your teeth. C'est pas bon. Get a pecan cracker and all of your life's problems are solved.

  • Amazon

    Your Grandma's Black Iron Pot

    Because you can't just go out and buy a new black iron pot. It's only good after you cure it and cook in it for about 50 years. That's when you get the good gradoo!


    Cajun Microwave

    Quite possibly the greatest invention in the history of Cajun mankind! Poor little pigs. We keep finding new ways to cook them.

  • Enasco

    Musical Spoons

    If putting two spoons back-to-back is too difficult for you, then musical spoons to the rescue. Chank-a-chank to your little hands go numb.

  • Tony Chachere's via Facebook
    Tony Chachere's via Facebook

    Tony Chachere's Cajun Starter Kit

    For the person in your life who is trying to start being Cajun, get them a starter kit. Then they can begin to start being Cajun. Comprende mon ami?

  • Squeezers Playing Cards
    Squeezers Playing Cards

    Deck of Cards

    It is practically un-Cajun to play bouree without the official cards of the greatest card game ever. You will never "play wrong" when you got red or blue Squeezers brand bulldog cards bebe!

  • Louisiana Sportsman
    Louisiana Sportsman

    Crawfish Table

    What I said about the Cajun microwave being the greatest invention of all-time. Double that for the crawfish table. You may have to turn in your Cajun card if you don't have one of these.

  • Academy

    Trot Line

    Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to use a trot line and his lazy butt will work for three minutes and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon under a tree for eight hours while he waits for the gasper goo to bite.

  • Wal Mart
    Wal Mart

    Electric Knife

    Because after you catch all those fish on your trot line, you gotta have a good knife! A virtual must for any good Cajun is a well-oiled electric cutting device.

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