Pizza is the greatest food in the history of food. Stop torturing it with your microwave.

There's a fancy 'new' technique for reheating pizza on Reddit, but I want to get something out of the way before we get to that.

I'm an expert eater of pizza. I once gave up pizza for Lent and then ate only pizza from Easter Sunday to the Sunday afterward. It's my favorite food and I believe it's the perfect food. That's why people are always trying to make different versions of it; it's extremely versatile.

In my many years of experience, THE best way to reheat pizza is to use the method that was used to cook it in the first place: baking. Low heat, no more than 5 minutes. It's better to use a toaster oven if you have one (in which case, really keep the heat low and heat in 3 minute increments), but a regular oven will do as well. This restores the pizza to a state as close to fresh as possible.

This other method making the rounds on Reddit is good, but it seems more like a survivalist technique than anything else. It involves a frying pan and a bit of water, and if you don't have access to an oven, I can see it working.

Click here to read about the frying pan method suggested by Roberta's Pizzeria in Brooklyn via Reddit.

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