One of the things outsiders love about our state is the melodic way we talk, and the unusual way we say things. It's mesmerizing, especially if you're not from here. And let's be honest, it's a dead giveaway that you're a tourist if you don't know how to say the names below. And thanks to the folks at Only in Louisiana for the reminder on pronunciation!

  • Tchoupitoulas. One of New Orlean's most famous streets. 'CHOP-uh-TOO-lus'
  • Natchitoches. The oldest settlement in the state. 'NACK-o-dish'
  • Tchefuncte. The river that drains into Lake Ponchartrain. 'chuh-FUNK-tuh'
  • Tangipahoa. It's a river, and a parish. 'TAN-juh-pah-HOA'
  • Opelousas. The town in St Landry Parish. 'oppa-LOO-sus'
  • Atchafalaya. The largest river swamp in the USA. 'uh-CHA-fuh-LIAH'
  • Grosse Tete. A city in Iberville Parish. 'Gross Tet'
  • Pontchartrain. Lake outside of New Orleans. 'PON-cha-train'
  • New Orleans. The city is pronounced 'New Or-linz', the parish is pronounced 'Or-leens'
  • Ouachita. Parish in north Louisiana. 'WASH-ah-taw'
  • Burgundy. A street in New Orleans. Not pronounced like the color, or the wine. 'Bur-GUN-dee'

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