What Lafayette restaurant has the best seafood in town?

Anytime I travel, I rely on websites like Yelp! and Trip Advisor to guide me to the best restaurants, hotels and things do in the area that I'm visiting. From must-see landmarks to activities and sightseeing, these websites can be a huge hand up when you're a stranger about town—but are you really getting the full experience?

That question inspired me to come up with a new blog series called 'Yelp! vs. Reality' where I will share Yelp! reviews on a variety of things right here in Lafayette and allow locals to compare it to the places they think should make the list.

Not only will this be interesting, but it may introduce you to things you didn't even know we had in our own backyard.

1. Prejean's Restaurant

2. Mandez's Seafood Bar & Grill

3. Blue Dog Cafe

4. Don's Seafood Hut

5. Dwight's 

6. Lagneaux's

7. Drago's

8. Half Shell Oyster House

9. The Crawfish Spot

10. Bailey's Seafood & Grill

Let us know what you think about the list. What would you add or suggest to anyone looking for seafood in Lafayette?

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