You know it and chances are you have sprinted across it to make that 7:00am English class that you regretted since the first day. Now, IT is being torn down.

KATC reporter Jameson Crabtree confirmed the bridge between the old University Place Apartments and the back of the UL Lafayette campus will be demolished. The bridge has been closed for some time over safety concerns. It's been closed to vehicle traffic for even longer, but there is steady foot traffic.

As a first-year freshman at UL Lafayette, I was a proud (well, ashamed) resident of Stokes Hall B near the bridge. The fifth floor room with a view came with no elevator access and an in-room water feature.... that appeared it rained. I'm happy to report those dorms have been torn down in recent years.

UPA Drive Bridge
UPA Drive Bridge

The good news is that LCG is contributing to the project so it can be quickly torn down and a new pedestrian bridge can be built in its place. $100,000 of funding from LCG will be put toward the project. Oakcrest LLC will handle that construction and the ongoing maintenance.

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