"The internet has a memory of, like, 96 hours."

As the internet continues to evolve, it's critical for everyone, young and old, to be up to date with internet lingo.

In a hilarious skit uploaded yesterday (December 23) by YouTuber Lily Singh, actor Will Smith, alongside a couple of internet newbs, learned the up-to-date terms netizens are using on the web.

Singh schooled the class by defining key terms like "snack," "OTP," "zaddy," "mom," "tea" and more while also emphasizing the biggest "N-O" of the internet.

"Never EVER insult the K-pop group BTS," Singh says. "Or the fandom will drag you."

As Will Smith is currently promoting his new movie Bright, Smith then asked how could he properly describe the film using "internet."

"I guess you could say..." Singh answered. "It's lit!"

Watch the full session below.

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