A few weeks ago, I randomly chose posts from my Facebook friends, removed their identities (to protect the guilty!), and posted them here for you to see.  I received good feedback from that, so this morning, after clearing the cobwebs from my head (or were they corks?), I put together some of the comments following LSU's embarrassing debacle at the Superdome last night.

Picture of an embarrassed tiger

(If you want to read them chronologically, scroll to the bottom and read 'up'):

I hope Jordan Jefferson takes my order at Whataburger next week.

I felt like a Democrat last night. I was all for "Hope and Change"

Look its no secret that I don't live and die by LSU Football heck UL Football isn't even life or death to me. I am more a UL fan than a LSU fan. It was still frustrating to see so many of my friends frustrated over last nights game. It's over and hats off to the Tiger players on a almost perfect season I guess the way the Tigers have staggered to the BCS in the last decade may be the better way than cruising. I still wish OSU would have not stumbled in the season because I still don't like Saban... Respect him but don't like him...

I would love to see ESPN breakdown Jordan Jefferson on one of their shows just to prove how bad he really is. I've never seen someone so confused before EVERY play. And that has been going on since last year even with all the wins. He is blessed to be on probably the most athletic team in college football history. Good riddance

Playing NCAA do I can watch some offensive football. Geez

After watching that game last night, I just gotta say... Gautier > Jefferson

Lots of woulda coulda shoulda on Fb this morning.

Wearing my LSU shirt loud and proud of what they have done this season

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The last 3 sentences in this article.....WOW!! I want to ask Miles, "Now how you feel? (The article is from WWL TV's Bradley Handwerger)

Best two outta three ? :)

Good morning! Did anyone wake up feeling yesterday was a dream? Lol I did! Now let's get ready for some real football! Go Saints! I BELIEVE you won't disappoint your fans!


I'm a die hard LSU fan, but Bama made them look like a junior high team. Bama deserved to win for sure.

Wonders if the LSU fans are recycling the old Saints paper bags in NOLA before heading back to Lafayette??

Goooooood Morrrrnnning Friends! Congrats to Bama on their win, but still a Tiger Fan!!! (They did have the best season) Finally back to work today! Daddy's heading to Texas this morning too! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!!!!!

Congrats to the Crimson Tide. We were outplayed and out coached.

Headed to shrevport!! Windows down drying tears! Good season bad game. Period.

Heath Morton stripped down to his Crimson Red live on Passé this morning

Well so much for a happy ending!

now i am gonna hear whining all day at school about the LSU game. sigh*

Wel,l I'd like to say good morning but that would be pushing it. Between the LSU loss and the weather, it's going to be a slow start to the day. Let's turn this day around and make it a good one. Have a great day Acadiana!

If everyone cared as much about voting as we do football... We may have a decent president this next term. <---- A message from Ron Paul

replay of LSU vs. BAMA just started on ESPN -- let's see which armchair quarterback status update makes the most sense

A lot of people will overanalyze and claim to have the answers. In reality, Alabama just kicked LSU's *** tonight. True, LSU made their own mistakes, but it wouldn't have mattered even if they didn't have 5 penalties and 2 turnovers. They weren't going to drive the ball on Bama tonight. Tough day if you were rooting for the Tigers.

Well, that didn't go like I had hoped. Alabama flat out won. Congratulations! And to LSU for a great and historic season.

To my Bama friends Davy and Jody.............CONGRATS! Bama won!! It's been fun ribbing each other tho! Let's do it again next year!! lol

status update of the night goes to Marc Verret: "If the coaches would just check the facebook updates, we'd win"

Hey LSU fans. Good job booing your school's student athletes on national television. Now the country knows what the rest of us know...that you put the 'a$$' in 'class'.    (In response to this post, someone posted "Da*n, didn't think anyone was listening. I think they were booing cause they paid $2000 for a seat and $10 per beer.")

Well, at least one team from Louisiana won their bowl game.

Here is my last post of the night. Proud to be an LSU fan. Congrats to Bama. See you next year.

GIMME A "K"!! GIMME AN "A"!! GIMME AN "R"!! GIMME AN "M"!! GIMME ANOTHER "A"!! WHAT'S IT SPELL?? It spells: Jefferson shouldn't have been allowed to return to the team. His disregard for the rules showed that he doesn't care about his teammates, his coach, or his "fans". I feel sorry for the rest of the team, and for Jerod Lee.

I want to congratulate the LSU defense for giving your offense a chance. To the LSU offense I will leave it at this..... Thank god you are a senior!

Well, if Nick Saban wasn't the most hated man in Baton Rouge, he surely is now.

Jarret Lee should walk up to Les and punch him dead in the mouth!

Maybe he learned to play like that in jail?

Guess Academy won't be opening tonight

we got one thing going for us, only team to be shut out in a BCS bowl game

and Bama's MVP for the game- Jordan Jefferson.

Anybody want to buy a T-Shirt, hat, beer koozee, pair of truck window flags, license plate cover and banner? Cheap!

So here's the deal! This is a dismal performance by our beloved Tiger's, and they are having a rough night. However, we should not forget the incredible season they gave us and what they accomplished this year. These are college kids in their late teens and early 20s, and they are suffering a huge disappointment as well.

When you refuse to make an adjustment to something that is not working, you continue to do wrong.

about as painful as slammin parts of my anatomy is a car door( and you know which part I'm talking about) SLAM!!!!!!!! this could be a shut out! Oh well!

I'm not a coach, but dont you think it's worth a try with another QB to at least try to be a team leader?

All year everyone said Jefferson is the best ever. Now tonight they have turned on him like dogs. Hummmmmmmm

PUT LEE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think LSU has been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with idiots

I think I will stay up and watch the game to the end just to see how bad we lose!

This team is the #1 team in the country?

I'm not big on college football, but from the way people talk; I thought LSU was supposed to be good at it.

Dear Les,
When your own fans boo the quarterback, it's called a clue.

might be embarrassed right about now. Oh, LSU, thou hast forsaken me.

YAWN!! It's getting late! I wonder if they will sell girl scout cookies after the game!

Well peeps my satellite is out again. Let me know what happened tomorrow. Nite

If Lee is called upon to go in he should say sorry coach I pulled a hammy.. why you need me now?

Oh so now everyone wants lee. What happened the great Jefferson isn't good enough anymore

Ok...for the record, Direct TV stinks! You would think we are in the middle of a hurricane! «searching for signal»

There goes the satellite again.

LSU is getting their butt kicked ....
One field goal at a time !!!

Well.....I lost satellite. Prob a good thing....



These comments were posted beginning at the second half...  most of the first half comments couldn't be posted in this public forum!

All being said, LSU loses, Alabama wins, by a score of 21-0.    LSU's next game is at home, Saturday, September 1, 2012, against the North Texas Mean Green.

I think that most of this team should stand proud, ESPECIALLY Jarret Lee, who carried the team through a rough time (when Jefferson's selfish actions cost him and his team a 4 game suspension).  There's always next year!

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