Years ago, I spent a weekend at the monastery attached to the seminary where I briefly studied for the priesthood. As I was hanging shirts in the closet, the glint of light on a glass object caught my eye. Upon inspection, I found an empty bottle of wine. This seemed strange, since most guests at monasteries are there for some retreat time. A few years later, my wife and mother spent some time at a condo in Navarre Beach, Florida, and again, while unpacking, I found something unexpected: a stack of cash totaling fifty dollars. We contacted the front desk and they told us no one had reported leaving any money behind; my wife and I decided to use the money to buy my mother dinner one night to thank her for paying the rental fees on the condo.

While both of these finds were unexpected, they weren't unwelcome or even ghastly. Some folks, however, seem to find more disturbing items in hotels, especially the staff that cleans up after guests leave. The Macdonald Manchester Hotel and Spa in England recently revealed some of the bizarre items that had been discovered left by guests in their rooms to the Manchester Evening News. Items on the list included an artificial leg, a goldfish in a cereal bowl and a pound of pig’s liver! The pig’s liver turned out to be someone’s secret Santa gift;the goldfish was adopted by one of the hotel personnel and named Special K. Other strange items include eight sets of false teeth, a glass eye, microwaves and an assortment of fancy costumes.

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