Victoria Beckham, long-rumored to be the hindrance to a full-fledged Spice Girls reunion due to her other commitments (such as her burgeoning fashion line and her four children), is leggy and stunning in black and white images from her ELLE France cover shoot. Posh, who was shot for these images over the summer, poses with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld and in Coco Chanel's onetime home. High fashion meets pop art in one fell swoop.

The singer/designer/serial pouter shared the images via Twitter and they are some of her best.

In one shot, Posh is posed on the mirrored staircase in high-waisted short shorts and a crisp white top, paired with black heels of course. We've never seen her in anything lower than six inches. She's disheveled and infinitely sexy, and pouting. Her signature scowl is firmly affixed to her face. Vicky Becks smile? Never!

In the other shot, she is static, standing with Lagerfeld and if you are a fashionista, there's a whole lot of design brilliance in one photo. They are both in all black -- he with his signature fingerless gloves, she with ankle booties and a bodysuit-cape hybrid -- and blow us away with their distant fabulousness.

Even though pop stardom seems to be the least of Posh's interests at this point in her life, we still hold out for her return to the Spice Girls for something, anything.

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