We Americans, myself included, have a serious weight problem. Have you made changes to your diet, eating more salads, fruits & vegetables, avoiding bread? Still not losing weight? If you drink alcohol, that's why.

It's been a long tough week, time to unwind. You get together with friends to enjoy a few cocktails. Here's where the week's hard work & discipline go down the tubes. "Well, I'll just have 'light' beer." According to viralthread.com, 8 "light" beers are the caloric equivalent of 3 cheeseburgers. Five shots of rum equal 1-1/2 slices of pizza, and 4 pina coladas are equivalent to 6 chocolate bars. Then come the insidious "munchies." As we all know, alcohol stimulates our appetite for fatty, high carb food, and lessens our inhibitions. Doesn't seem fair, does it?