The first two weeks of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season have been rather uneventful. That's a good thing. Currently, the National Hurricane Center is watching a disorganized area of convection off the coast of Africa. Forecasters are not anticipating any development from this system at least for the next two days.

While it's early in the tropical season it's not out of the question for tropical systems to form. In fact, there has already been one named storm in 2017. Arlene stayed well out in the Atlantic Ocean and dissipated before interacting with any land mass.

Where are the most active tropical regions during this time of year? Statistics indicated that the southwestern Gulf of Mexico is a traditional hot spot as well as just off the southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas coast.  Later in the season, the most likely places for tropical development move to the Carribean and into the Atlantic Ocean near the Cape Verde Islands.

While nothing is imminent and nothing is on the immediate horizon now is the time to double check your hurricane preparedness. Now would be a good time to gather important documents, make a video or pictorial documentation of your home and its belongings, and plan an evacuation route should that be necessary.

It's much better to prepare now when there is no pressure and there are no crowds than to wait until the last minute.

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