The 2017 Hurricane Season's fourth named storm has crashed and burned. Not literally, a burning tropical cyclone would attract attention a lot like a tornado filled with sharks, but this is not that. Tropical Storm Don has met its match off the northern coast of South America and has been downgraded to a remnant low-pressure system.

The prognosis for Don's strengthening was never very bright but yesterday the National Hurricane Center decided the weather system no longer met the criteria for a tropical storm or even a tropical depression. That is good news for those who live and are vacationing in the ABC islands.

The Hurricane Center is still watching a second tropical wave further to the east of the former Don's location. That system is expected to struggle to strengthen as well as it is expected to eventually take a turn to the northwest and dissipate.

That's the good news from the tropics. The not so good news is this. We still have a lot of the season to get through and we are still roughly a month and a half away from the peak of hurricane season. However, for now, we can rest a little easier and simply be mindful of the tropical downpours from afternoon thunderstorms.


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