A tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. Those words usually perk up the ears of an Louisiana resident. However, this time I think cautiously optimistic might be the best way to view this particular system.

Colin began as an area of disturbed weather late last week just off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Over the weekend atmospheric conditions became favorable for tropical development and late Sunday the system was deemed to have the characteristics of a tropical storm. It's the third named storm of the 2016 hurricane season. It was given the name Colin by the National Hurricane Center. 

Tropical models project that Colin will not be much of an issue for the Louisiana Gulf Coast or for offshore interest along and just off of our coastline. The official projected path of Colin takes the center of the system on a northeast track for today.

This will put interests along Florida's west coast on stand by as tropical storm conditions could begin to move on shore as early as this evening. Forecasters do not anticipate Colin becoming much stronger than a minimal tropical storm at this time. The system should move rapidly over Florida and out into the Atlantic by midweek.

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