The vigorous tropical wave that moved off the African coast last week has gained enough strength and organization to be classified as a tropical depression. The system has sustained winds at 35 mph. This puts the strength of the system just below the threshold to be declared a tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center currently has the center of the system several hundred miles east of the Leeward and Windward Islands of the tropical Atlantic. The movement of the system is currently to the northwest about 13 mph.

Tropical forecast models suggest that this northwest motion will continue for at least the next several days. Many of these models keep the system well out to sea and if that's the case there would be no impact on any land area in the United States.

The Hurricane Center's five day forecast track does keep the storm at sea. Many forecasters are predicting the ultimate demise of the system in the open water. However there is still a chance TD Six could grow stronger.  Should tropical depression six get just a little bit stronger it would earn the moniker Fiona.

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