Casio was WAY ahead of it's time.

Apple released their iWatch in 2015, some 31 years after Casio had their "gesture controlled touch screen calculator" watch. Of course, the iWatch was much more advanced, but why did it take so long for companies to utilize this technology?

In the video, the man is holding a Casio AT-552 Janus, which he demonstrates has a calculator function. However, even when he turns the watch over, there's no buttons to press to use the calculator.

That's when he shows us that it's a gesture controlled touch screen. He then reveals that the watch was first produced all the way back in 1984.

It's apparently very rare to find one of these watches in working condition. Pretty awesome that this guy still has one, and is bringing attention to a touch screen watch from 35 years ago.

Here's the full demonstration:

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