All of us know what S'mores are and how to make them, but do you know their origin? The first recorded recipe for S'mores (which is believed to be a contract for 'some more')  is found in a Girl Scouts publication from way back in 1927. The origin of the term and recipe is still unclear, and the term 'S'more' didn't officially become part of our vocabulary until 1974 when Merriam-Webster added the term to its dictionary. The Girl Scouts recipe is as follows: 'place a square of milk chocolate on a graham cracker. Toast a marshmallow and put on top of the chocolate, then a second graham cracker on top of the roasted marshmallow and squeeze and you will want 'smore.' '

Try this easy 'Indoor S'mores' recipe or one of these 39 'S'mores hacks' to celebrate National S'mores Day!