We talk a lot on the KTDY morning show about age and since Deb and I are now at the age we used to think was OLD, I decided to research the new number for 'Middle Aged'.

The experts say, just because you wake up with a sore back, can no longer touch your toes or have gray hair, doesn't mean you are old.

A doctor by the name of Sergei Scherbov runs an institute in Austria that studies aging.  He states 'Middle Aged' lasts a lot longer than we think.  'Middle Aged' is not a day, a month or even a year.  It's an expanded amount of time.

Doctor Scherbov says, "Two hundred years ago, a 60-year-old would be a very old person.  Someone who is 60 today, I would argue is middle aged."  He says you crossover to the 'Old' category when you have 15 years of life left.  By today's standards, a person becomes 'OLD' when they turn 74.

 [Via:  The Telegraph]