The results of an obesity study in England has found some startling facts about weight gain.  The study is causing much controversy however.

They studied 4,000 people who were severely overweight.  The researchers found that every person in the panel, fell into a particular category, six total.  And that's the controversy.  The claim is that people in general can fall into some sort of category, not just obese people.

1. Young men who drink alcohol.  Even though a male may work out and eat right, excessive alcohol can add weight to an otherwise healthy man.

2.  Young women who overeat.   Like men who over drink, women can get more calories than they need from food.

3.  People who are unhappy and anxious.  Most of the middle-aged participants in this survey who were obese were women who weren't only overweight but suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression.

4.  Seniors with health issues.  This category is tricky though.  Seniors who had health issues were overweight BUT happy!

5. Older people with money.  This group had more money to live a little harder so they drink and eat more.

6.  And people who were overall unhealthy.  They don't exercise, and eat junk all day.

I don't know how much was spent on this research, but it doesn't seem like much information we didn't already know.  Also, doesn't EVERYONE fall into one of these categories?

Bottom look and feel right, you have to eat right.  That's even more important than exercise.

[Via:  Yahoo]