We all like to look a little fancy here and there. Right?

Well, if you want to look "Lafayette Fancy" you need a few certain props in your photos. Whether they belong to you or not isn't important, just so you're in the vicinity of them.

Let's start with everyone's favorite in Destin, FL "Crab Island." If you want to catch someone's attention on social media and let them know you're living the life, post a photo from Crab Island.

Be sure to get a nice photo of the water and if you can, be on a boat. And it's fine if you rented it for the day, no one will know.

Also, try to include in the photo drinks and your feet in the water. Nothing makes for a fancier photo from Crab Island than a fruity drink in your hand and your legs in the water.

Now, in order to add to your resume, you may need a few more props to your photos in order to look "Lafayette Fancy." May I suggest a few below?

Props You Need To Look 'Lafayette Fancy'


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