I was syncing my iPhone and got to thinking about how we used to listen to recorded music.  I remember when boys would sneak their transistor radios into school so they could listen to daytime World Series Baseball games.  Later my Dad installed an 8-Track player for me under the front seat of the family car.  (I still feel that "ca-chunk" when I hear Tequila Sunrise today!)  Then came the boom-box, the Walkman, the iPod- what's next?

I had a blast finding these old commercials showing how portable music has changed over the years!  See how many of them you owned!

1970's Radio Shack 8-Track Care Stereo Commercial
1980 Panasonic Boombox Commercial
1985 Sony Walkman Commercial
1996 Portable CD Player Commercial
2001 iPod Commercial
2011 iPod Nano Commercial

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