Calling all Betties and Baldwins and Cake Boys! Prepare to dust off all of that Clueless-specific slang that nobody actually used in the '90s, and get ready to roll with the homies all the way to Broadway, because a Clueless musical is coming.

Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed the 1995 movie, shared details on the project with Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve written the, what they call the book and it’s a jukebox musical." This means they'll use previously-released music for its score, instead of original songs with titles like "See You Soon (I Hope Not Sporadically)." They've got some great options on the film's original soundtrack, including The Muffs' cover of Kim Wilde's "Kids in America" and "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule — relive the latter's magic in the video below.

The report also says that casting has been difficult — and as anyone who watched the humdrum Clueless TV series in the late '90s could tell you, Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd left some big shoes to fill. "Everything goes so slowly! I thought movies took a long time [to cast]," says Heckerling.

Back when rumors of the project first surfaced, Heckerling said Katy Perry had expressed interest, but she's really busy these days. Hey, Iggy Azalea recently freed up her schedule, and she already has the yellow plaid outfit. No?

Kristin Hanggi, who directed 1980s glam metal musical Rock of Ages, will direct the stage show. Got any casting ideas or strong opinions on which songs should be featured? Let us know in the comments.



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