The band and the party rocked at The District for the umpteenth annual KTDY Polyester Power Hour Party with CJ and Debbie Ray!

The skies opened up at the same time as the doors last night, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the hundreds of PolyPoHos who were ready to light up the dance floor! Krossfyre played everything from 'Purple Rain' and 'Pontoon' to 'Boogie Shoes,' and put on a great show dressed in their '70's platforms and slinky shirts, and even a Ghostbusters jumpsuit, complete with proton pack backpack!

Congratulations to Mary, dressed as an old lady complete with rolled-up stockings, orthopedic shoes, hair net and walker who kept asking "This is a '70's party, right?" She shook her groove thing on the dance floor and the stage to walk away with $500 as the winner of the costume contest! Huge thanks to Krossfyre and to our sponsors, Moss Motors, Lucky Deuces, Schlotsky's, and Hebert's Automotive. But the biggest thanks goes to all the PolyPoHos who have supported KTDY, CJ and Debbie Ray and the Polyester Power Hour for the last seventeen years! We love you!

Steve and JayCee will be posting a bunch of pictures, so be sure to check back later and take look!

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