Taylor Swift has a pure heart. Like so many other celebs of her caliber, she makes time in her schedule for the less fortunate and sick fans. But she really goes way above and totally beyond. Find out how!

The singer visited Shelby Huff, a teenager suffering from Aplastic Anemia, where the bone marrow attacks itself, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Swift didn't just do a drive-by, saying "hi," shaking hands, smiling, taking pictures, giving gifts and moving right along.

T. Swizzle was booked for an hour on the pediatric floor but wound up spending five (!!!) hours with the patients. Solid gold -- that's what Swift's ticker is made of.

Swift learned about what Shelby is battling -- she developed a form of lymphoma after a transplant and is in the middle of a life-saving clinical trial -- and sat on the bed with her, even though she had to wear rubber gloves and a face mask while interacting with the young girl. You'd have thought that Swift and Huff were longtime girlfriends, since Swift treated her so warmly.

Shelby, 17, even said that she'd rather go through this, as opposed to an infant or a baby suffering the same affliction. Wow, right?

The Swizz even said that her parents considered naming her Shelby but they thought "Shelby Swift" would sound like "She'll be swift."

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