Taylor Swift nearly falls down a few steps after her New Year's Eve performance, but she was able to catch herself without injury.

There were only 2 steps left, and it appears that her foot slipped down to the landing, allowing her to catch herself before she landed on her hiney.  Watch the video here as she cooly "shakes it off" and continue to smile for the cameras.

Remember back in 1996 when Mel McDaniel fell from the Heymann Center stage?  That fall banged him up severely, and he ended up suing the Lafayette Consolidated Government and the Carencro Lions Club (a judge decided against Mr. McDaniel in that case, citing that he should have been looking where he was walking!).

As a matter of interest, the law suit information states that at least 18 people have fallen into the pit at the Heymann Center, even resulting in the death of one man!  It's interesting what information you can find when you do a little research.

Anyway, we hope that Taylor can stay sure-footed!

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