UFO Seen Over Miami & LA
I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for both of these sightings, but here you go: similar UFO seen over Miami and Los Angeles on different days.
People Flying Over New York City
What would  you do if you were walking through Central Park, or Parc Sans Souci for that matter, and you saw people flying through the air?  I, for one would want to join them (it has always been a dream of mine to be able to fly.  Not in an airplane, but, like Superman, to just fly..…
‘Area 51′ Fact Or Fiction?
Do you belive in 'Flying Saucers'? Is area 51 a myth, or is the government hiding something?  'Area 51' has been the subject of legend and controversy for decades. The 'X-files',  The president of The United States not being aware of its existence in the …
Are We Alone?
I'm not talking about the Saints, or Santa Clause, or even a Higher Power (read GOD);  I am talking about aliens.  UFOs.  Space creatures.  Intelligent life from another universe.  ALF.  Rosanne.
I don't think that they come here to hurt us...