3 New Planets
An international team of scientists have discovered 3 new planets that could support alien life.  We may not be the only ones after all.
Comet Visible In Acadiana
According to Storm Team 3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, if you are wanting to get a glimpse of the comet Pan-Starrs tonight, you need to be looking up (with binoculars for best view) around sunset.
Real Green Slime
Just days after a fiery meteor came crashing down on central Russia, scientists say they have now discovered a mysterious green jelly that may be some sort of space residue or “astral jelly,” a substance commonly associated with meteor showers.
Big Miss
Seventeen-thousand miles might not sound particularly close at first listen, but when it comes to a gigantic rock the size of half a football field, it's a bit scarier.

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