No More Moon?
If a large enough rogue body destroyed the moon or even knocked it out of its orbit, we'd be up a galactic creek without a warp drive.
Pics From Space
Lots of kids dream of being an astronaut. Space has been a fascination for multiple generations. Reid Wiseman is living the dream.
Voting From Space
Some states allow for early voting and absentee voting, but only one state allows for voting from space!
American astronauts, when not in space, call Houston, America home, so that is where they are registered to vote.
According to the Palm Beach Post, Texas passed a law in 1997 that allows astronauts…
Comet Hits Sun
Scientists say this comet was the fastest object in the solar system before its collision with the sun.
View From Space
I'll admit, I spend WAY too much time online. Sometimes I stumble across things that I think you might like to see, too. I thought this time lapse video of the view from the international space station was pretty cool...
ISS Crew's 'Space Oddity'
As a tribute, Internation Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie's Space Oddity, while floating in space. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps.

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