Siri Salutes Queen
Wayne's World is 25 years old??!! The boys cruising in Garth's AMC Pacer, singing Queen's classic, "Bohemian Rhapsody" along with the car radio, is a pop culture classic. Siri is apparently a fan, too...
Siri Can Be Harsh!
Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns lost a tough one the other night to Appalachian State, and even Siri thought it was brutal.
Tell Siri You Are Naked
My friend Jilligan sent me a text. It said "Tell Siri you are naked! She has a few different reactions!". So I did it, and here are some of the results.
Say What?
Siri, iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant, has a reputation of being kind of a jerk. Sure she's a tad snarky and sometimes sarcastic, but she's totally misunderstood, guys. In fact, Siri's actually pretty darn funny!

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