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Simon's Baby's Pics
OMG, we can't even. Acid-tongued former 'American Idol' and 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell shared three photos of his newborn son, Eric, who made his grand entrance into the world in NYC on Friday, Feb. 14.
New Judge?
Ever the savvy businessman, Simon Cowell has come up with a fool-proof plan to save the troubled 'X Factor': Hire Miley Cyrus as a judge!
Simon's Baby Mama
If all the reports we've been seeing over the past day or so are accurate, Simon Cowell will become a first-time father early next year. We know the woman who's having his baby, Lauren Silverman, is a (former) friend's estranged wife, and we know her divorce will probably be a trainwr…
Simon's Past Pics
Just in time for the upcoming season of the 'X Factor,' Demi Lovato has reminded us of her amazing love/hate relationship with fellow judge and show creator Simon Cowell -- by sharing a laughably awful old photo of him. And it wasn't the first time.
We're assuming she broke into h…
Simon Upset
Simon Cowell can be pretty cantankerous to begin with, but he's really cranky following the scheduling disaster for 'X Factor' on Wednesday night (Oct. 17).

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