Saints & Protests
It appears that the New Orleans Saints have settled on a plan for how to handle the national anthem on Sunday for their game in London against the Miami Dolphins.
ACLU Cites Problems
The ACLU has filed a suit asking for a restraining order against Baton Rouge Police. The suit suggests that police tactics are a deterrent to protesters who have the right to peacefully demonstrate.
Protesters Come Together
In the wake of recent protests around the country, we have seen several people come together as one. Here's a video from Dallas that shows opposing protesters coming together with one mission---to unite.
Lafayette Protesters
A group of protesters marched in front of the Lafayette Police Department on Friday demanding the release of the video from the shooting of Tevin Lewis.
Rally Scheduled For Lafayette Saturday
"We will meet near Target on Ambassador Caffery and march *towards* the Mall of Acadiana--we'll announce the ending demonstration to honor those whose lives have been negatively affected by the gross misconduct of officers the day of the event."