Twitter 'Helps' NASA
It's not every day that seven new planets are discovered, and NASA needs our help naming them. Some of the suggestions so far are pretty hilarious!
Monday Moon
NASA says the moon Sunday night into Monday will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when farthest from Earth.
Flood: NASA Images
NASA's Earth Observatory Blog used a satellite to map the rainfall in Louisiana from August 12-14, and the images are quite jolting.
7 Good Things Happened In 2016
With many bad things being portrayed in the news, including shootings, celebrity deaths, and more, I thought it was time that we list off some of the GOOD things that have happened so far this year.
Remembering Challenger
For one generation, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was an event that was forever tied to the moment it happened. For my generation, one such event was the Challenger disaster.
A Blue Moon
Don't let all this blue moon talk scare you. It's more a function of your calendar than it is some celestial event.

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