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Tom Brady Cameos in the 'Ted 2' Super Bowl Trailer
‘Ted 2’ may have the most relevant Super Bowl trailer there is, mostly because it features a cameo from one of the players actually playing in the Super Bowl. The movie features a cameo from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and he makes an appearance in this new ad.
‘Point Blank’ Remake in the Works From Mark Wahlberg
There's been lots of talk about Mark Wahlberg lately, what with the initial rumor that he'd be starring in 'Transformers 4' and then the follow up statement from Michael Bay himself claiming those to be false. So what is this star up to nowadays? Oh nothing, he's just workin…
Best Rock Movies of All Time
If you love movies and music like I do, you should see these films. They are the best rock movies of all time, in my opinion. Did you like them? Are there more you'd recommend?

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