CJ's Daily Message: Let's Talk About Love
You guys ask me to talk about love and for the life of me I don't know why? lol Seriously, I love hard. I love wide open, really no low or medium setting. So maybe you guys sense that, so let's give it a shot. Let's talk about love.
CJ's Daily Message: Love And Lust [VIDEO]
Someone wrote to me asking to do a 'Daily Message' on Love. I've always thought people get confused between Love and Lust, especially in the beginning of a relationship. So I found a wonderful quote that I wanted to share with you.
Why Do Love Bugs Stick Together?
We are in the middle of "love bug season" here in south Louisiana and we all know what a pain in the rear those little boogers can be. But, have you ever looked at them flying around in pairs and wonder, "why are they stuck together?"

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