'Friends' Reunion?
Like anyone who lived through the '90s, Jimmy Kimmel loved 'Friends,' but while being a fan of the television staple is wholly understandable, the depth of his affection is, well, perhaps not. Kimmel hosted 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston on his show last night, and while sh…
WWF High Score
I have been playing Words With Friends for a few years now, and I have yet to beat my "best word score" that I set a few years ago, at 191 points.
A Mom Creates A Facebook Page To Show Son He Does Have Friends
A Michigan mom went to Facebook to show her son that he does have friends, a lot of friends! A boy in Michigan, named Colin, told his mom that he did not want to have a 11th birthday party because he has no friends at school. The mom was saddened and thought that Facebook might be able to help her o…
Five Lifelong Friends Take the Same Photo Every Five Years
In 1982, John Wardlaw was joined by four of his high school buddies at his family’s cabin in Copco Lake, California. During their retreat the five friends, who were all about 19, shot a group photo using a self-timing camera.
They didn’t think much of it at the time, but when they all found themselve…
Being Nice Is Easy
As I was thinking of what to write about this morning, Debbie Ray said that CJ usually puts up some sort of inspirational quote or saying.
It made me think of something that I say often: Being nice is easy.
Good Friend VS Best Friend
Good friends and best friends are both great to have but there is a difference.  To me it's like comparing nieces and nephews  to your own children, you certainly love both, but nothing compares to the love one has for their own children...

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